Form Guidance


Please complete the nomination form for the intended category/categories completely and accurately, following the instructions given and paying particular attention to the criteria, otherwise your nomination may not be eligible. All information provided is checked and if the nomination doesn’t meet the criteria it will not be considered. It is important that you provide as much information as possible about your nominee where asked to give the judges as much information as possible to help them make their final decision. You may not be able to reopen and submit any further information once you have submitted the nomination form so you should ensure you have included all relevant information before you submit.

Please do not send in examples of the nominee’s work (e.g. videos, photographs, etc.) unless specifically asked to do so on the online form. Where asked please read and follow the instructions carefully as AIM can’t take any responsibility for the wrong type of asset sent or sent to the wrong address, in the wrong format, and so on.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of physical submissions received for Best Creative Packaging, AIM is unable to return any submissions.


Submissions close on 20th April 2020 in order to give AIM time to put all the information together for the judges. Our panel of judges will then meet to analyse the information provided alongside their industry expertise and come to a final decision for each judged category.


While every effort is made to ensure that all nominations which meet the criteria given are brought to the attention of the judges and will be considered, AIM can’t take any responsibility for the final judgement of the judges. The judges are chosen for their industry expertise from across the music landscape and we aim to ensure we have a knowledgeable group of judges with a diverse range of voices to ensure the fairest and best outcome and every effort is made to ensure impartiality.


We will acknowledge completion of your nomination online at the time of submission only. We regret that we cannot enter into correspondence on the merits of a particular nomination but if you have any questions about the process that are not answered here, please call the AIM office on 020 3771 0400 and we will try to help.


All submissions for are treated in confidence. Nominees will only be told that they have been nominated once all checks have taken place. We ask that you don’t tell your nominee(s) that you have nominated them until they have been announced in the press in order to avoid any upset due to ineligibility or other factor.

The information contained in the nomination is strictly confidential and will not be communicated to any person other than those involved in the administration of the AIM Independent Music Awards. Our full privacy policy is available by following the link at the bottom of this page.


Further enquiries about AIM and the AIM Independent Music Awards may be answered by the information available elsewhere on this website or on the AIM website:

Where you can’t find the answer to your enquiry there, please call the AIM office on 020 3771 0400 where we will try to help.

View our full Privacy Policy here.