18 May 2023

These awards celebrate the achievements of all artists, labels, and outstanding individuals in our community, who have made their mark in the last 12 months. Get those submissions in to have your music heard by our panel of tastemakers and expert judges!

Please read through the submission guidelines below to make the process as clear and smooth as possible.


STEP 1: Read through the Frequently Asked Questions, Category Criteria and Information Needed for Submissions for everything you need to know, including:

• ‘What information do I need, to make submissions?’

• ‘What’s the difference between ‘Best Independent Label’ and ‘Best Boutique Label’?’

• ‘How can I nominate someone else for ‘Entrepreneur of The Year’, ‘Independent Champion’ and ‘Diversity Champion?’


STEP 2: Create an account on the AIM Awards website.

• You must create a new account, even if you’ve made an account in previous years.

• Only one account can be created per business/artist, so please make sure you communicate with your team on who will be creating this account. The login can be shared within the team.

• AIM members (Rightsholder, Distributor and Friends of AIM) should enter their Member ID when creating their AIM Awards account. You can find your Member ID by logging into the member-only area of the AIM website. The ID will be on the dashboard.

Important to Members: Your AIM Awards account is separate to your login for the main AIM site.

AIM Distributor Members Check in with your rightsholder release partners to see their submission plans and make sure your key releases are in the mix at this year’s AIM Awards.


STEP 3: Get your submissions in by midnight on Thursday 25th May 2023 and cross your fingers for the nominee announcement!

If, after reading the Frequently Asked Questions and Category Criteria, you have unanswered questions, please contact

We look forward to receiving your submissions!


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